With HARO, it naturally becomes beautiful

Naturally beautiful floors

Brand development
Buying a new floor is a one-time thing for many people. It’s crucial to convince customers at the right moment – not just with the price. Many providers have high-quality products in their range. Therefore, it’s challenging for customers to recognize differences. HARO has decided to invest in its brand with the aim of beautifying customers’ homes and enriching their lives with HARO floors.

We provided the following services in this project:

  • Brand identity and positioning
  • Analysis workshops
  • Development of claim, vision and mission
  • Service development and customer journey
  • Brand Story
  • Logo and wordmarks
  • Brand design
  • Website, Product Finder
  • Social Media
  • Brand film
  • Packaging
  • Trade fair appearance
  • POS communication

Consistency in brand management pays off
The collaboration with Process begins in 2020, a time when many people are more focused on their living space. Together, the HARO brand is sharpened and charged with emotions. The new claim “Naturally beautiful floors” conveys both HARO’s core competence and the natural lifestyle and beauty of high-quality products that customers want to surround themselves with.

Identification with the central brand theme is crucial not only for buyers but also for the global network of retailers who exclusively distribute HARO and play a vital role in the company’s success.

«We are very happy with the results. We have now created important prerequisites to lead HARO into the future and to create further applications for a customer experience geared towards natural beauty.»

Andreas Merz Head of Marketing


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Markus Hammer
Creative Director, CEO




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