Bringing the brand purpose to life

The new brand identity brings the company’s sharpened positioning to life and thus strengthens Switch’s role as a digital pioneer in Switzerland in the long term.

Switch was founded in 1987 as a foundation under private law by the federal government and eight university cantons. The common goal: to ensure the “effective use of modern methods of teleinformatics in the service of teaching and research in Switzerland”.

In addition to developing digital solutions for Switzerland as a centre of education, research, innovation and business, Switch has also been responsible for the allocation of URLs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein since the early days of the Internet.

The demands placed on the brand have changed significantly in recent years. It is not only security in the digital space that is playing an increasingly important role, but also the digital networking of the Swiss university and research network beyond the country’s borders. Employer branding is also becoming increasingly important, as only those who know how to attract highly qualified employees will be able to meet the challenges of the market.


In order to fulfil all requirements, the brand was defined in a much more approachable, fresh and activating way. The basis is a lively brand design that can be easily and specifically expanded with images and other graphic elements. A comprehensive brand portal on Frontify enables Switch to publish content easily and in line with the brand, as well as to independently use social media channels or expand the website.

As part of the rebranding, the entire product portfolio was also restructured and a new nomenclature was introduced. This not only simplifies internal processes, but also guarantees potential customers faster and more effective access to the range of services.

We provided the following services in this project:

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand architecture and portfolio management
  • Logo and word mark
  • Development of sub-brands
  • Brand design
  • Brand story and tone of voice
  • Digital brand hub
  • Brand guidelines
  • Corporate website
  • Various subsites

"Our world is changing ever faster due to increasing digitalisation. As a pioneer, Switch wants to actively lead Swiss universities into a secure digital future. We must also fulfil this aspiration with our new brand at all levels."

Tereza Karagülle Head of Digital Communication and Events


Do you have questions about our services or need support with a specific project?

Feel free to contact me.

Markus Hammer
Creative Director, CEO




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