Strong shoes staged with AI

For the first time in the history of Ochsner Shoes, designs were developed with the help of AI.

The entire business world is changing rapidly through the use of AI applications. This is increasingly affecting the way in which we design and implement marketing measures. As a result, AI applications are not only changing our behaviour, how we consume things, but also the way we create awareness and perceive products.
The aim of the campaign was to convey the shoes from Ochsner Shoes in an unseen way and at the same time radiate strength. Not only in the protagonists in the pictures, but also in the quality of the products.

We provided the following services for this project:

  • Campaign conception
  • Campaign development using AI
  • Campaign realisation
  • Realisation of all PoS implementations
  • Conception and realisation of digital screens
  • Post production
  • Online advertising media
  • Social ads

"The use of AI has not only expanded the creativity of Ochsner Shoes, but also revolutionised the possibilities of creating visual content for us. This project shows how technology and creativity can go hand in hand."

Claude Bucher CEO of Ochsner Shoes

Video screens at the point of sale


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Markus Hammer
Creative Director, CEO




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